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Recruitment Pros and Cons

The search for a job can be completely demoralising. You search for weeks. At the beginning you apply only for things that look interesting but as time passes you start applying for anything that looks like it might fit your skills set. What becomes demoralising is the time it can take to find something and the lack of response when you don't.

As a student you spend a few years studying and when you graduate you hope to find a job as quickly as possible. Either you can do it on your own or you can use UK Jobs Guide or a company specialising in recruitment.

Recruitment agencies can be a huge help in finding a job. You sign up with them and they search for jobs which match your skills set, then when something comes up they book the interview for you. It takes a lot of the stress of job hunting off your shoulders. On the other hand, some can prove to be a complete waste of time, it is up to you to work this out as quickly as possible. (more...)

Unconventional Recruitment Programmes

Every day, we hear on the news about higher rates of unemployment. In a time when the number of young people out of work is at its peak, one cannot help wondering if there needs to be a change in the way we recruit people. Of course, the reasons for unemployment are many, varied and complex, but efficient recruitment programmes can only help, if anything.

There are new initiatives in place that try to treat each case individually and try to help their clients build the skills necessary to find employment. These initiatives have their finger on the pulse of the market and the gaps that exist in terms of skills and qualifications.

Students who are about to graduate and would like to find a job normally start looking for jobs while still studying. Just like I would look for providers for #broadband in my area# on the internet, I can look for jobs on several recruitment websites out there. (more...)

The Advantages of Learning a Trade

Sadly, a degree is no longer a golden ticket in the job market. Whatever career path that you have planned out in your mind getting on that first step can often be extremely difficult. Sometimes thinking left field and doing something completely different form your ideal profession can be helpful in both providing you with job experience and a possible alternative career path to fall back on if you can't establish yourself in your chosen field or in a few years you find yourself unhappy or worse, unemployed.

What sort of job would be a good choice as a fallback? Having a trade can be extremely useful. Now, with many trades, such as plumbing and electrician can be quite involved and need substantial training. However, there are trades that you can get into that you can train in without too much training. Having done some research and crossed of many trades the one that seems most suitable is a career in the Fenestration Industry. The technically qualifications for fitting uPVC or aluminium windows are not particularly onerous. Much of the training is on the job and there are two NVQs you can look to get if you want to keep it in your back pocket as a career. If you are good with your hands you could well be a useful avenue to pursue. It is an industry that combines both trade, fitting uPVc windows to new build properties as well as dealing with retail clients.

You can find out a lot more about how the Fenestration Industry works in terms of replacement uPVC windows at Home Windows. It is the sort of trade where at a later date there is a path to set up your own business, There is enormous demand for replacement windows and a shortage of UK housing stock so the window industry should provide decades of opportunities.

Build up your CV with a rewarding job

Looking for a job is made easier when you use the tools that are given to you. As the world becomes busier and smaller, there are jobs going around in specific industries that are looking for students who can contribute their youth and enthusiasm to work.

Why part-time work is a good idea

Part-time jobs started to rise in popularity in the early 90s to help people from a diverse set of backgrounds be part of the working community. Whether you were a single mum or if you had to care for a relative in your family, a part-time job was supposed to give you flexibility and an income. Students can take advantage of the part-time jobs available to them because of the flexible working hours between seminars. (more...)

Jobs Recruitment For Students

Are you a graduate looking for job? As the world is changing everyday as a result of advancement in technology, this is the time to make a thorough research for job recruiting agents who are in need of job recruitment students. There are numerous agents out there that are just there to siphon your hard earn without given you any productive result. Despite all spam, you can still get reliable one which you can always vouch for their authenticity and reliability

The technology sector is rich with opportunities in automation and cloud technologies. Whether you are in search of accessibility to valuable global resources, reduce costs and some other services, you have this sector at your disposal for all your need as regard this (more...)

UK Employment Law: The Basics

Employment law in UK is quite complex. There are several changes and updates made quite regularly and this often means that as an employer, you will need to constantly keep yourself informed about the latest developments. For this, it will be great help if you have expert employment solicitors offering you the much needed expert advice. Employment SOS is an expert division of Martin Kaye that offers expert advice to employers on all issues relating to UK employment law. You can visit their website - get more details on the various aspects of employment law that are of importance to any UK based employer.

The fact is that every person who starts a business and considers employing an individual will need to face several employment law hurdles. While the employer can always seek professional and expert advice on matters relating to employment law, it is important to understand some basics so that the daily matters can be conducted with ease. It is extremely important for the employers to act within the employment law in order to avoid the UK Employment Law Tribunal. Any litigations or legal issues relating to employment law can be quite troublesome involving a lot of time, legal costs as well as risk of damages that can cause harm to your company's reputation.

There are some very basic aspects in relation to employment law that need to be addressed by all employers. These include the information on the contract, the minimum wage, the statutory days off for the employees, dismissals, etc. An employment contract is the basic and the most important aspect of employment. The contract needs to set forth all the obligations of the employer and the employee, the job role of the employee, the agreed pay and the number of hours he is contracted to work for in a week. Whether the employment is permanent or on a temporary basis, the importance of the employment contract cannot be undermined. (more...)