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Build up your CV with a rewarding job

Looking for a job is made easier when you use the tools that are given to you. As the world becomes busier and smaller, there are jobs going around in specific industries that are looking for students who can contribute their youth and enthusiasm to work.

Why part-time work is a good idea

Part-time jobs started to rise in popularity in the early 90s to help people from a diverse set of backgrounds be part of the working community. Whether you were a single mum or if you had to care for a relative in your family, a part-time job was supposed to give you flexibility and an income. Students can take advantage of the part-time jobs available to them because of the flexible working hours between seminars.

Why full-time work is a good idea

In between term-time, having a full-time job is a good way to get plenty of extra experience on your CV that will impress employers when you are looking for permanent work. Industries such as accounting, finance and administration need trustworthy individuals who can provide plenty of help to their businesses. If you are ready to step into the world of work, look below for top tips on how to make your CV sparkle.

Try the unconventional. Get a trade behind you. That doesn’t mean you have to start over learning plumbing or studying to be an electrician. There are trades that require less in terms of formal qualifications like the Fenestration Industry. Become a window fitter is mostly on the job training. If you can learn to fit uPVC windows then you are likely to be able to always have work. You can find out more about the double glazing industry here:

Your CV is a tool to distinguish you from the competition. When applying for a part-time or full-time job, remember to use some of the following ideas:

 -Highlight your achievements: If you are a student who stood out with practical achievements such as doing charity work that was recognised by your peers or being a captain of a winning sports team, show off these achievements on your CV. This is a brilliant way to show employers that you are someone who has leader potential yet you are also able to work in a team. These types of achievements are going to be invaluable when you are trying to land your job.

 -Aim for simplicity in design: Always keep the design of your CVs simple with easy to read fonts. By keeping everything simple, you allow your experience to shine through more because employers do not get distracted by excessive design.

With these top tips, applying for a new job may be the start of a bright future for you.