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Recruitment Pros and Cons

The search for a job can be completely demoralising. You search for weeks. At the beginning you apply only for things that look interesting but as time passes you start applying for anything that looks like it might fit your skills set. What becomes demoralising is the time it can take to find something and the lack of response when you don't.

As a student you spend a few years studying and when you graduate you hope to find a job as quickly as possible. Either you can do it on your own or you can use UK Jobs Guide or a company specialising in recruitment.

Recruitment agencies can be a huge help in finding a job. You sign up with them and they search for jobs which match your skills set, then when something comes up they book the interview for you. It takes a lot of the stress of job hunting off your shoulders. On the other hand, some can prove to be a complete waste of time, it is up to you to work this out as quickly as possible.

Don't limit yourself to one recruitment agency as they all have different clients. By signing up with a few you are also increasing your chances of finding a position.

It may still take some time and this is where the virtue of patience comes in handy. But a recruitment company won't take you on unless they think they can help you find a position.