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Unconventional Recruitment Programmes

Every day, we hear on the news about higher rates of unemployment. In a time when the number of young people out of work is at its peak, one cannot help wondering if there needs to be a change in the way we recruit people. Of course, the reasons for unemployment are many, varied and complex, but efficient recruitment programmes can only help, if anything.

There are new initiatives in place that try to treat each case individually and try to help their clients build the skills necessary to find employment. These initiatives have their finger on the pulse of the market and the gaps that exist in terms of skills and qualifications.

Students who are about to graduate and would like to find a job normally start looking for jobs while still studying. Just like I would look for providers for broadband in my area on the internet, I can look for jobs on several recruitment websites out there.

Recruitment services work, no doubt, but sometimes, some of us may need more help than just a place to upload our CV and search for job listings. Sometimes, people might need mentoring and guidance in order to find the right kind of job.

This is not simply a way to help people find rewarding jobs, but also a way to match the right people with the right jobs.